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Symphonic metal band ANCIENT MYTH released a new original studio album for the first time in nine years! ArcheoNyx is the band's first release with drummer Shibuki and THE GENIUS ORCHESTRATION guitarist Kohei. The album features a guest appearance by Versailles and Jupiter guitarist HIZAKI, whose spectacular guitar plays can be heard at the closing song Zenith

The album has two versions (Normal and Deluxe Edition). Both versions of the album contain twelve tracks, however, the Deluxe edition includes 2 CDs with an orchestra rendition disc, allowing you to enjoy the pure symphonic sound.

River of Oblivion MV:


The band is definitely back with an intensely evolved sound. The new album was sent last month to numerous record labels all over the world and already got positive feedback. The songs in this new album are composed mainly by Michal and Hal, except for the Mozart cover and Shibuki’s song «River of Oblivion» and the specialty of each composer is fully incorporated. 

In this new album, while focusing on melodic Power Metal, the dark and classical elements are emphasized. String instruments (Violin, Viola, Cello) are arranged throughout the entire work. The band also introduced Japanese musical instruments in some of the songs for the first time. ArcheoNyx establishes original and unique Symphonic Power Metal! 

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