Takeru (ex. SuG) resumes activities with solo project “sleepyhead”


Takeru, former frontman of the visual kei band SuG announced the start of his solo project “sleepyhead.” SuG closed the curtain after 10 years with their last live performance at the Nippon Budokan on September 2nd, 2017.

News had become quiet around him after the disbanding of SuG, but on his Twitter Takeru drew attention by tweeting a photo of a waxing moon and “13040820 SEC HELL“ everyday. This was in fact a countdown corresponding to the actual moon cycle, the numbers representing the number of seconds from their show at the Budokan until the start of his solo project. Also, the countdown ended on the night of the “Super Blue Blood Moon.” Corresponding with this phenomenon on January 31st at 10:27pm Takeru announced the start of his solo project “sleepyhead” and its first live concert “Tomei Shingetsu” (“Transparent New Moon”) at Shibuya’s TSUTAYA O-EAT in Tokyo on March 17th.

Furthermore, the music video of his new song “Yamikumo” (“Cloud of Darkness”) was finally released and Takeru is looking forward to what the future will bring. 

“sleepyhead” 「闇雲」MV:


During his time with SuG, the band was active globally. In addition to Asia (namely Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China) they held a European tour and a concert in Mexico, but sleepyhead also announced its intention to be active around the world. A Facebook page targeting overseas fans was established and the preparations for advancing worldwide are ongoing.

Takeru commented, “I experienced a taste of hell for 13040820 seconds. I don’t have a clear goal or answers and I’m unprepared, but I decided to step into the fog. I challenged myself to not join any label or management company for now, but to start completely on my own. There are many trials I have yet to face, but the concerts where I can meet you all will be worth it.”


OFFICIAL Facebook Page


Message From Takeru






0TH ANNIVERSARY LIVE “Tomei Shingetsu”

03/17/2018 Shibuya TSUTAYA O-EAST

OPEN 5:00pm / START 5:30pm



A creator neither restricted by style nor area of work. President of the fashion brand “million dollar orchestra.”

He develops a 3D musical expression by combining music, film, fiction, design, and fashion.

His last band disbanded after their last live at the Nippon Budokan on September 2nd , 2017. January 31st, 2018, 22:27, full moon. During the night of the total lunar eclipse, he started his solo project, “sleepyhead”. Sleepyhead. On the other hand, a never-ending dream. Philosophy > ethics, high-quality darkness and paradoxical wishes.