Review: G.L.A.M.S’ new album “A QUEEN OF THE NIGHT”

A review by radio producers Dionisia Lampadariou and Linta Antonopoulou.



G.L.A.M.S are back in Europe with a brand new album titled “A Queen of the Night”. As we all know, the famous singer, composer and artist Mikaru (ex-member of DIO and Black Line) created this project at the end of 2013, and they debuted officially as a multidisciplinary project at an art exhibition in Paris. Besides Mikaru, G.L.A.M.S. consist of several ex-members of DIO and Black Line. In 2014 and 2015 they toured across Europe and they held their first Latin American tour in 2016.

Their new album “A Queen of the Night” includes 5 tracks, and each one was a pleasant surprise, due to them being so different and unique. All in all, we noticed that the fusion of western and Japanese music is dominant, along with great smoothness and nice changes. There is also a great variety of musical instruments and a wide usage of electronic sounds. But, since each track of this album is unique, let’s take a closer look to each one of these musical creations. 


Forgive me

The first track is called «Forgive me» and it greatly represents the alternative metal trend of this age, with all of its effects, the way it is composed and the overall sound. The assimilation of some electronic sounds causes the song to soar. The intro is quite intriguing, with emphasis placed on the drums and the guitar, at the rhythm of which we can visualize a crowd going crazy. They’ve made the right choice by making this the first song of the album since it involves well-known sounds, it captures your attention and raises the expectations for the rest of the songs.

Our freak show

Moving on to some nifty, glam rock sounds. A powerful chorus that unveils a special aspect of Mikaru’s voice, which we adore! A song that represents the project’s name “G.L.A.M.S.”, which is so energetic that it could as well appear at a later point of the track list.

Rainy highway

Now happens the most unexpected transition, from rock and metal to something totally pop. A light and sentimental song, very electronic and fresh. The overall atmosphere is romantic and melancholic. This is definitely something that you wouldn’t expect to hear at this particular point, but you’ll be glad you did!

Be alone

Salagadula, Magicabula, Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo”… What is this magical spell doing here in our review? You’ll understand as soon as you listen to this track! With a particularly dark mood, this song starts with a melody, it advances to an alternative and contemporary rock sound and afterwards, in comes the acoustic guitar, at a much calmer bridge. This song is a journey: it takes you everywhere and at the end, it leaves you with an indescribable excitement. The fusion of different elements is so unique and peaceful that it is enchanting and makes the listener ask for more.

Let’s fly away to the stars

The perfect last song. It’s time to draw away from the previous genres and move on to a ballad with clean vocals, sweet melodies performed on the piano, exquisite bass lines… A truly tuneful and erotic song in its entirety.


A Queen of the Night” is a satisfying and creative piece of work. From the expressive vocal lines and the great English pronunciation of Mikaru, who is capable of covering every musical genre possible, to the way the songs progress from metal and pop to a ballad. This album is the definition of «for all tastes». It attracts the listener’s interest from the start and you simply don’t want it to end. A creation worthy of 10/10.

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