New album and single from SPYAIR

SPYAIR's band pic

Two years after the release of SPYAIR’s latest album titled "4", the band is preparing for their new album titled "KINGDOM". "KINGDOM" is the fifth full album of SPYAIR and will be released on October 11 in three versions (Limited Edition A, Limited Edition B and Regular Edition).

At the same time, their latest single titled "MIDNIGHT" was released on August 30, revealing a new side of the band. The single includes four tracks, while the MIDNIGHT title track was written and used in the Japanese television drama Utsubokazura No Yume.

In a recent interview with, the band reports: «It was necessary for us to push our boundaries with MIDNIGHT. The song was written for this drama. One of the themes from the work is ‘disparity’. The hero arrives in the big city from the countryside, how they overcome this big difference is one of the series highlights. We thought that was a cool and interesting concept to work around, so we set about creating something unlike any SPYAIR sound so far.»