Have you ever thought, that once you open your eyes there will be a world about Anime? A team of chosen children gathered to make that dream come true. The outcome...Greek Otaku Radio...The first Anime Radio in Greece!

People with different tastes, but with a common interest, came together for the first time in 2013 in order to create a daily life full of Anime, your favourite Japanese music and Live Shows for every different taste. Now, G.O. Radio (Greek Otaku Radio) has matured, aiming to promote the Japanese culture to the Greek audience. The members of the station decided to move on to greater aspirations and bring even more exclusive content to Japanese music fans, events and collaborations with everyone sharing their passion for Japanese culture.

With expanded subject matter of Live shows and articles, not only every Greek Otaku has a home of his own, but also lovers of games, fantasy literature and Korean music will find what suits them!

You can find us on the Japanese Embassy’s website here: http://www.gr.emb-japan.go.jp/portal/gr/relations/organismoi.htm

General Director Greek Otaku Radio                                         Email Contact Greek Otaku Radio                          

Anastasios Ntapadas                                                                         info@goradio.gr


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Paschalis Tasoudis                                                                             Facebook 


Website Manager                                                                             Instagram

Mary Papapouliou                                                                              YouTube


Social Media Manager                                                                     Mixcloud

Mary Papapouliou


Program Manager

Anastasios Ntapadas


YouTube Manager

Christos Katsiadas


Mixcloud Manager

Michalis Trigonis


Radio Producers Greek Otaku Radio

Anastasios Ntapantas                     Georgia Bardopoulou                Michalis Trigonis                   Sofia Aggelaki             

Anastasia Wish                                 Elina Pinelli                                  Nikos Kantzos                        Christos Katsiadas

Anna Christaki                                  Evdokia Tze                                  Orestis Bardopoulos            Chrisoula Logotheti

Vlassis Tsiamas                                 Linda Antonopoulou                  Paschalis Tasoudis                                               

George Meneksiadis                        Maria Koutsikopoulou               Periklis Mandas